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Wednesday Aug 20, 2014  
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When Elvis first became a performing headliner, a single star was born...
Lightning struck twice when The Everly Brothers developed a deserved following...
But when a trio of genuine talent blooms big, there's a real glow of affection and feeling from the stage to the seats, delivering the smoothest harmony this side of heaven in the image of three warm and happy young gentlemen from Nashville. They are:

The Hammond Brothers' cultured blends of vocal togetherness were mellowed through the years. As children, they toured the USA; as young adults they criss-crossed Canada and Europe and still fill return engagements for college tours, major outdoor arenas, and Vegas. They continue to create one of the most fragile, but meaningful relationships in show business, that which is between performer and the public.
The "feel" is there... you can almost touch it. Why? Charm, class, and the same real talent landed them on Nashville Now and The Tonight Show, as well as the TV series, Heartland and the Las Vegas Hilton.
The future is still unfolding, but the history of The Hammond Brothers makes it all believable. Twins Dale and Gale, along with younger brother John, were orphaned at an early age, yet since then have been adopted by folks everywhere. There's enough listening to go 'round, enough warmth to make you feel good, enough Hammond Brothers to last a long, long time.
Come on, let's meet the guys and learn more about them.....